Monumental American Moderne

01 Jun

ThesePhoto of American Moderne bookends rare bookends are entitled American Moderne.  They are sculpted in the WPA style from the nineteen thirties.  During the great depression of that time, the Roosevelt administration supported out-of-work artists by commissioning hundreds of thousands of public works projects.  There was enough homogeneity among the art that was produced to recognize a style of stripped classical figures, here illustrated in bookends.

This is a very large pair of bookends, 12.75 inches high, 7 inches wide, 4.75 inches deep, and weighing   a total of  15 pounds.  The shop mark is KUPUR, which was used by the Frederick Cooper Studio, established in the early nineteen twenties, in Chicago.  The bookends are electroformed bronze with a gold-colored finish.  Because of their size, rarity, beauty and historical association, they are a valued addition to our collection.

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