Hollywood Art Deco Pirates

03 Jul
Photo of Hirsch Pirate Bookends

Swashbuckling couple from the Hirsch Foundry ca. 1932

White bookends are not very frequently found, but here is a pirate couple clothed in white.  The pair was made circa 1932 for the deco all-white decor which was popular in America during 1931-33.  A number of movies from that time were filmed with white decor, some with Jean Harlow, the Platinum Blonde, who fit the decor nicely.  Pirate bookends were very popular during this same time period, perhaps due to the 20 pirate movies filmed between 1920 and 1935.  Jean Harlow starred in China Seas in 1935.  These bookends are paint on gray metal with attractive celluloid faces, and produced by the Hirsch foundry.  This white-pirate pair is rare.  Most of these pairs feature bronze-colored clothing.

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