13 Aug
Photo of Faux Hagenauer Dogs

Faux Hagenauer Dogs: Height 5 1/2 inches, Nose to Tail 6 inches in width. These dogs are weightier than they look at 1.5 lbs each.

Pieces from the Hagenauer workshop in Austria during the first half of the twentieth century are very desirable and appropriately expensive.  Certainly they made beautifully-fashioned brass bookends during that time.

Recently we visited an antique shop in Southern California, and we spotted these bookends partially hidden in a display cabinet.  We could see the price tag, which said Hagenauer on it, but  we could not examine the bookends closely because the shop had lost the display cabinet key.  Two days later we phoned the shop and learned they had found the key so we drove back.  The bookends turned out to be solid brass and simply but expensively made.  The dogs were indeed whimsical and elegant like Hagenauer, legs were attached to the base by very neat soldering or welding rather than bolts, and the head was firmly attached to the neck by a very marvelous fitting.  Was the pair Hagenauer?  No.  The only marking was a label permanently attached to the bottom of each bookend which read:  Made in Austria.  Nearly all products from the Hagenauer workshops are marked with the Hagenauer shop mark– wHw.  We purchased the bookends anyway because they were so well made and because they are so cool.

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