Cute Hubley Dog Bookends

15 Sep
Photo of Red Dog Bookends

Hubley Cast Iron Bookends. 5.5″ in height. Inscription on back: 650. Hand-painted eyes and gold accents.

Children and adults really like these dogs and it is easy to see why.  The soulful eyes capture any dog lover.  The bookends are iron, and come in red, gray, and perhaps other colors.

Each bookend bears the serial number 650 on the rear, which identifies the (iron) pair almost certainly as Hubley.  We guess these bookends date from the 1950s.  This seems like a relatively recent date, but 1950 was sixty years ago so they have some age.

Hubley Manufacturing Company was incorporated in Lancaster, PA in 1894.  Their early metal toys are very collectible.  Hubley bookends, iron and bronze, benefit from the Hubley cachet and many of them carry relatively high prices.

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