Early Lead Coffee Grinder Bookends

28 Sep
Photo of Coffee Grinder Bookends

Turn of the Century (1900) Mechanical Coffee Grinder

At first glance, these bookends are rather small, plain and not very exciting.  The bookends are 5.5 inches high, 4 inches wide and three inches deep at the base.  Each bookend shows a painted, black coffee grinder with a lid, a crank handle and a drawer to catch the ground beans.  The coffee grinder is shown against a silver-painted background and enclosed in a faux rustic brown wooden frame.  Perhaps the bookends were meant to support cook books in a kitchen.

More exciting, each bookend is solid lead and weighs 6.5 pounds.  Lead means that the bookends are about 100 years old or perhaps older.

The rustic wood frame suggests an Arts and Crafts-style object.  If we suppose the chef was a skilled artisan who prepared elegant meals by hand from locally available meats and vegetables, the bookends do belong to the Arts and Crafts genre, and this would match the age.  However, today we would not keep and handle lead bookends in the kitchen.

We recently purchased these bookends in the Ocean Beach Antique District, a pleasant morning excursion for us.

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