Hand-worked Copper Peacock Bookends

25 Nov

These bookends are fashioned from copper sheeting.  They portray peacocks against an intricate floral background and they illustrate several kinds of hand-workmanship.  The copper sheeting has been bent into an L shape and cut out.  The margins around the background have been given a pock-marked pattern by hammering, the peacock bodies  have been made to bulge by repousse’, and the edges have been given a fine scallop which does not show well on the picture.  The bookends are clearly Arts and Crafts-style productions from a metal workshop, probably early in the twentieth century, but they are not marked.

Photo of Copper Peacock Bookends

Pierced and worked copper peacock Bookends. 5 in x 6 in.

They didn’t stay long in our collection.  Our favorite sixth grade teacher admired their workmanship and the peacocks were soon holding up her books.


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2 responses to “Hand-worked Copper Peacock Bookends

  1. celestine

    April 4, 2014 at 19:51

    I have a set of owl bookends 1943 on the bottom. They are coloured dark brown and standing on two green books. The word knowledge is on the books.They are made of cement I believe. I was wondering what they are worth or are for sale.

    • Bookend Collector

      April 5, 2014 at 09:02

      Hi Celestinedawn3,

      Thank you for contacting Bookend Collector. Your bookends sound as if they might have been made in 1943. At that time a lot of decorative items were made of ceramic, chalk, pressed wood, almost anything except metal, which was needed for the war effort. Without a picture and size information it is difficult to say anything more about the bookends.
      It is not the practice of this website to post prices or give pricing information. If you are looking to sell the bookends you may want to take them to a consignment store or post them on eBay. While we have an exchange page on the website, it is rarely used, and has not generated any activity of which we are aware.
      Thank you again for contacting the Bookend Collector.
      Regards, The Bookend Collector


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