ILIAD Bookends

22 Dec
"HOMER'S ILIAD", Pompeian Bronze

“HOMER’S ILIAD”, Pompeian Bronze

These are impressive bookends;  the largest ones Pompeian Bronze ever produced, as far as we know.  Height is 9 inches. Length is 9 inches and width is 6 inches.  Weight is 9 pounds each and they are electroformed bronze.  Each bookend is marked “Homer’s Iliad,” Pompeian Bronze, 114.

The Iliad  refers to Homer’s Epic poem which describes a portion of the ten year “Trojan War”  between Greece and Troy and is thought to have taken place about 3000 years ago. We may assume that each bookend shows two mounted warriors from Greece or Troy at that time.  There is a Laurel Wreath, often a sign of victory, mounted between the two magnificent looking horses.

These bookends are not especially rare; they show up on eBay every once in a while, with a high asking price, but are guaranteed to stand out in any collection.

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