Indian Scout Bookends

23 Mar
Photo of Weidlich Silver-plated Indian Bookends

Scouting Indian Silver-Plated

Here is an Indian, holding a bow and bowstring, shading his eyes and peering into the distance. He stands on a metal base which is painted to look like black marble.  The bookends are large, height 9 inches, width 7 inches, depth 3.5 inches.  One knee rests on a mound, and the shop mark of the Weidlich Brothers foundry, WB within the outline of a shield, is cast on backside of the mound.  These bookends are very handsome because the Indians and mounds are silver plated.   These were purchased in 2012 at the Del Mar Antiques Show and Sale. A bronze-plated version is also available.

Weidlich Brothers Mfg. Co. (1901-1950) was established in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where they produced high-quality silver and bronze items, including bookends that are generally well cast and bronze plated.  Sometimes collectors or dealers silver-plate their bookends, but because Weidlich Brothers was noted for silver items we can believe this is the original finish.

Photo of Weidlich Indian Scout with TeePee and Shield

Bronzed Scouting Indian with TeePee and Shield

Here is the same indian as the silver-plated one.  He kneels on the same-shaped mound and grasps a bow and bowstring, but there is a teepee and shrubbery behind him. These bookends are massive, height 8 inches, width 8 inches, depth 6 inches, weight 11pounds per pair and completely bronze-plated.  This pair and all the other similar pairs we have seen are unmarked, but, this pair is from Weidlich Brothers, judging from the marked silver-plated Indians.

Both of these pairs may also be viewed on Chuck DeCosta’s Antique Collectible BOOKENDS website.


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