Tall and Short Totem Pole Bookends

10 Aug
Photo of Tall and Short Totem Pole Bookends

Tall Totem Pole Bookends, made of iron, each bookend weighs 4 pounds. Small Totem Pole Bookends, made of bronze, each bookend weighs 0.5 pounds.

Totem poles erected by the Indians of the Northwest coast may reach 60 feet or even higher so it is appropriate for totem pole bookends to be tall.  This pair is 11.5 inches high, the tallest totem pole bookends we have seen.   Starting from the top, we see eagle, raven, and an anthropomorphic figure.  The bookends are unmarked, but attributed to Littco, circa 1920.

Some totem poles are short and so are some totem pole bookends.  The smallest bookends of this type that we have seen, 5.5 inches in height and with a shaft only 5/8 inches wide, are shown here as well.   Starting from the top, we see Raven, Eagle, Wolf and lowermost, Bear.  The bookends are marked Art Brass, but we do not know any foundry of this name, so the foundry remains unknown.  They date probably from about 1920, and were suitable for small books or periodicals of that era.

Photo of Totem Park, Wrangell, AK

Totem Poles in Totem Park, Wrangell, AK. 2003


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