Old Mission Kopperkraft Bookends

27 Nov
Photo of Old Mission KopperkraftBookends

Old Mission Kopperkraft Bookends. 5″ by 5″. Hammered Copper.

Here is a pair of bookends which clearly were made by a metal workshop in Arts and Crafts style.  Sheet copper was cut to size and the bookend front cut into shape, stamped with an emblem at the top, bent into an L shape, made convex to the front and stamped with a shop mark.  All this was typical of workshop bookends from the early twentieth century.

The emblem on the face of the bookends features a Crescent composed of two Royal Bengal Tiger claws united with a keystone, used by the Mystic Shrine of the Masonic Order.  This symbol appears on several  Kopperkraft bookends, perhaps one or more of the owners of the shop belonged to this order.

The shop mark is an image of the Mission Dolores in San Francisco with the words Old Mission Kopperkraft above the building and the words San Francisco below it.  This shop was active in San Jose and San Francisco from 1922 through 1925, and this dates the bookends closely.

The Mission Dolores proper name is Mission San Francisco de Asis, and was founded in 1776.  It is the oldest intact building in San Francisco and it makes an appropriate shop mark for the bookends.


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