Rare Armor Bronze Bookends

15 Dec
Photo of Apollo & Artemis Bookends by Armor Bronze

Apollo & Artemis Bookends. Electroformed, 6 3/4″ in height, circa 1915.

This rare set of Greek-Revival Victorian Armor Bronze electroformed bookends was submitted to The Bookend Collector by a follower of the blog.  We have never seen this particular set.  The “follower” has identified them as Apollo and Artemis (Diana).  The paper Armor Bronze label includes “New York”, this usually means the bookends were made prior to the mid-1930s when Armor Bronze was sold and moved to Taunton, Mass.  The Armor Bronze logo of a circle within a shield also appears on the back of each bookend.

They were purchased last year at auction in Alabama.

According to Greek mythology, Apollo and Artemis are twin offspring of Zeus and Leto, a nymph.  The bust of Apollo appears to be modeled after The Belvedere Apollo in the Vatican Museums while Artemis appears to be modeled after The Diana of Versailles in the Musee de Louvre.


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  1. anonymous

    December 15, 2013 at 10:12

    Thank you so much for sharing these on your site . It is wonderful to be able to share these particular bookends . The posting is great.


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