Ye Olde Copper Shoppe Bookends

13 Jan
Photo of Fred Brosi Bookends

Height 6.75 inches, width 6 inches, which is relatively large for this style. circa 1920.

This is a pair of Arts and Crafts style bookends from Ye Olde Copper Shoppe (1917-1922).  In 1916 the metal smiths Fred Brosi and Hans Jauchen  founded Ye Olde Copper Shop at 464 Sutter St in San Francisco.  Sometime in 1917 Jauchen left, taking the name Jauchen’s Olde Copper Shop for his new venture, and Brosi remained at the same location and changed the shop name to Ye Olde Copper Shoppe.  He worked alone (1917-1922) and marked his output “WROT BY FRED BROSI Ye Olde Copper Shoppe SAN FRANCISCO.”  After that interval,  he went on to form a workshop called Old Mission Kopper Kraft  (1922-1925).  We posted  bookends from the Old Mission Kopper Kraft shop on November 27, 2013.

Photo of Ye Olde Copper Shop advertisement

One of six Ye Olde Copper Shop advertisements placed in the January 6, 1917 WASP, a weekly San Francisco Publication.

Photo of Art Metal Works Listings in SF City Directory 1923

Listing of Art Metal Works firms from the 1923 San Francisco City Directory

Bookends from the more recent Old Mission Kopper Kraft shop turn up now and then, but these are the first ones we have seen from Ye Olde Copper Shoppe and they are outstanding pieces of metal work by Brosi, who is known for his intense and painstaking efforts.  The L-shaped copper sheeting format is familiar, but the dense, stippled design on the face was apparently produced by laborious hand tooling.   The face is hammered and bowed outward.  The copper is a heavy gauge.  The shop marks read:  HAND WROT BY FRED BROSI  Ye Olde Copper Shoppe  SAN FRANCISCO.

Photo of Fred Brosi Shopmark

Fred Brosi Shopmark from the years of 1917-23

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