Newly Liberated Woman Bookends

02 Dec
Photo of Nude Bookends

Electroformed bronze, height 7 inches, no markings, a paper label on the felt reads Galvano Bronze (Pul Mori & Son). Circa 1920.

Important social changes took place in America in the first two decades of the twentieth century.  The Arts and Crafts movement was established and it is still with us today.   The Women’s Liberation movement  became powerful and Women achieved the vote in 1920, due to the activities of the Suffragetes.  Victorian habits were rapidly fading during these decades, and few remained by1920.  Bustles were gone by 1900, and punishing corsets that produced an hourglass figure were gone by 1912.  Admiration for women’s bodies became acceptable and bookends joined this latter fashion.  Bookends now began to show unabashed nudity to go with the times.  Nudes no longer needed to appear divorced from sex.  Newly liberated woman bookends show a woman reveling in her beautiful natural body.  The flapper era which peaked in the mid-1920s. was about to appear, and bookends would show flappers as they evolved.

 A Newly Liberated Woman Kneeling:  Gray metal.  Height 7 inches?  Attributed to Ronson.  circa 1920.

A Newly Liberated Woman Kneeling:  Gray metal.  Height 7 inches?  Attributed to Ronson.

This lady is proud of her body.  She is not a flapper because her hair is too long and her breasts are too large.  She must date from about 1920 or from the thirties.


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