Fairy Tale Cottage Bookends

08 Oct
Fairy Tale Cottage: Painted Iron.  Unmarked.  Circa 1920.

Fairy Tale Cottage: Painted Iron.  Unmarked.  Circa 1920.

This cottage does not look like a very good home for people, and it is not.  This is a fairy tale cottage, one that might be an illustration in a book of fairy tales; tales like Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood.  Fairy tales have been entertaining children for a very long time.  Their origins are hidden in folk tales.  Fantasy became entertaining for adults in the twentieth century, and in the nineteen twenties and thirties there were a number of whimsical houses built in the so-called Storybook House architectural style in America and in England.  These houses were built to evoke fairy-tale buildings for playful buyers. Click on the following 2 links to view some examples of Storybook Architecture in Los Angeles, CA.
Offbeat L.A.: Storybook Architecture in Los Angeles

Photo Gallery of Los Angeles Storybook Homes in Los Angeles, courtesy of L.A. Times Home and Garden.

Nowadays, of course, fantasy tales are wildly popular for children and adults.  We watch super heroes and talking animals in movies, on TV, and in electronic games,  embellished with special effects and animation.  Storybook cottages are no longer representative of our modern fairy tales, but these bookends are a reminder of the days when books filled with eerie illustrations of tales and early times were found on every child’s bookshelf.




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