Beautiful, Graceful, Leaping Gazelle Bookends

11 Feb
Photo of Leaping Gazelle Bookends

Leaping Gazelle: Grey metal, Height 7.25 inches, unmarked, circa 1922.

The leaping gazelle was an image derived from early French Art Deco and became a popular image in American Art Deco.  There were a number of early American bookends featuring leaping gazelles, but none more attractive than this pair, which generates a beautiful silhouette.

Photo of Art Deco Mural, Catalina Casino Theatre

Portion of John Gabriel Beckman’s art deco mural on north wall of the Casino Theatre, Avalon.

This example of the use of the leaping gazelle image can be seen in the huge and magnificent Art Deco theater in the city of Avalon which is on Santa Catalina island off the coast of California.  The theater dates to 1929, it seats 1154 in comfort, and the walls are decorated with murals of fantastic mythological hunters pursuing a leaping gazelle.

Another view of a leaping gazelle can be seen in this painting by the well-known California artist Orpha Klinker (1891- 1964).  The painting is clearly a fantasy, as is the included gazelle.

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